Bringing life to Video
with AUDIO

My name is Carlos. I am the owner and operator of Dlos media. I have worked on various projects from running sound in mega churches and different venues to running sound deep underground for tv mining shows. When it comes to audio it’s hard to understand why it’s so important. I tell people it’s what separates you from being distracted to being attractive. Sound can either help you engage or disengage your viewer. I pride myself for always giving the best quality possible. Let’s work together and make something sound good. 

What We Offer


Dlos Media offers many level of services. Depending on your project needs and demands.

Reality tv

I work hard to capture the best audio by mixing and hiding mics on talent to capture their stor

Documentary film

From scripted to off script. I have got the chance to work with some talented individuals on creating short films that have been amazing stories and fun to create with friends.


On occasion we get to work with products that need promotions. They can be extravagant or they can be as simple as a mayonnaise commercial.

  • Sound devices 688 12 input field recorder
  • Sound devices 833 8 input field recorder with noise assist Sound devices CL6
  • Sound devices CL2
  • Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters
  • Lectrosonics SMDWB transmitters/recorder Lectrosonics M2R/IFB
  • Lectrosonics M2R/Camera receivers
  • Lectrosonics Powered Antennas
  • Betso Antennas
  • SNA 600 Antennas
  • Lectrosonics Dual SRc receivers
  • Tentacle remote recorders
  • Sanken lav mics
  • Sennheiser MKH416
  • DPA 4017c
  • K-tek 110ccr boom pole
  • Ambient Lockit Slate- Timecode
  • Nano Lockit-Timecode
  • GoPro 8 black
  • Sony A7iii with 17-28,24-70 sigma lenses

Our Latest Work


We have had the privilege to work on different projects please see some pictures of us at work.

What They Say


Nathan Charlen
    Nathan Charlen

    Executive Producer / Showrunner

    “I love working with Carlos on our field crews. He is excellent at his craft and always delivers top quality audio. As a showrunner, I know and trust Carlos to work well with the crew and talent he’s assigned to. He is respectful and a hard-working team player.” P.S. Plus, if you rub his head before filming, it brings good luck for the whole shoot.

    Ajax Broome
      Ajax Broome

      VP Development

      “When my projects get greenlit for production AND development, Carlos is the first person I think of for field audio.. The quality of work he delivers is premium. He is flexible with the daily challenges on set and he keeps the talent and crew at ease even in difficult situations. He is a professional with a great attitude.”

      Pip Whittall
        Pip Whittall


        She is still typing

        Meet Our Team


        Dlos Media would not operate without the help of the support staff. Everyone plays a role that unites us with 1 goal and that is to make movie magic. Meet the team.

        Carlos Diaz

        Owner/Sound Mixer

        Celia Diaz


        Samson Martinez

        Business Consultant